2014 Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs Business Division Excellent Service Store GSP certification

Service industry and commercial output accounted for about 70% of gross domestic product, the employment of the service industry accounted for 60% of the total labor force, the service sector is an important industry in Taiwan. Therefore, how to make economic growth covers the improvement of service quality, provide consumers with a full range of services, the establishment of a modern environment has become one of the main issues of economic development.

The Business Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has promoted the "Good Service Practice (GSP)" since 1993, in order to help enterprises, improve their service quality, strengthen the self-improvement ability of business service industry, and promote the healthy development of the whole business. The Ministry of Economic Affairs will give certification to encourage the industry to comply through the business norms, service processes and other standards for compliance with the standard. The promotion of "excellent service certification" will help the industry to shape the connotation and environment of quality service and spread out the "excellent service" consciousness and successfully put into the "new model" of commercial service in the hearts of all people.

The Certified Good Service Practice (GSP) designation provides recognition for those individuals that know how to achieve and express exceptional service by engaging with their guests and creating memorable experiences. GSP is helping customers to access the better services. Recognized worldwide, the GSP designation is the highest acknowledgment of awarding-winning guest service for employees in the lodging industry.

Successful candidates will receive a certificate and GSP gold lapel pin, to be worn on their uniform in recognition of their knowledge and skills in guest service. On behalf of the store has passed the "excellent service certification", can provide customers trust, satisfaction, value of quality service. This certification meets the requirements for stackable and portable certifications for Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act grant purposes.

Excellent service can increase better customer reputation, Jourdeness in the footsteps of the operating spirit, prudent management principles, a complete education system, which is our pride, but also our awareness. I believe GSP Good Service certification standards are a primary goal to pursuit for the company, ahead towards the "excellent service quality" level.