Jourdeness awarded by 13th National Brand Yu Shan Award as Best Entrepreneur

佐登妮絲榮獲第13屆 國家品牌玉山獎 傑出企業類 獎項

National Brand YuShan Award are encouraging the diligence and hard-working attitude of Taiwanese enterprises, trying to promote the images of national brands, and erecting the epitomes for other enterprises. Therefore, selecting those excellent and competitive industries is a must top raise their extraordinary management performance and distinguished dedications.

The authorities of this award are Taiwan Enterprise Competitiveness Development Association and National Brand YuShan Award Selection Commission. It is the spotlight every year for those entrepreneurs and for those representatives and elites from various fields to share this honorable moment. The selecting criteria and process of Jourdeness are serious and fair owing to its importance and core value to strengthen the cultural construction of enterprises and to promote the brands. This way, industries in Taiwan will thus develop more prosperously.

Jourdeness puts emphasis on “Quality, Brand & Sense” with these criterion outstanding enterprises can therefore be commended. The way that Jourdeness leads will keep Taiwanese enterprises moving ahead and having progression in near future.