Jourdeness international beauty SPA

According to Jourdeness, beauty is not just the appearance Beautiful, is a kind of emotion diffused by the skin, a awakening sensory with body, heart and spirit of harmony.

Founded in 1989, Jourdeness understand healthy skin is the main point, which create a unique formula for the beauty woman.

Efforts to create the atmosphere of life, fashion, beauty, romance, enjoy and happy to experience life moved, so that the world's women are envious. Jourdeness quickly became the pivotal, first-class service business leader of the beauty industry field by focused on parity market to create product package set. Serving is becoming the highest purpose value for the global female.

Jourdeness cosmetics

Jourdeness is committed to create suitable cosmetics for the global women.

Taiwan set up R & D center In 2000, China set up R & D center in 2005, we will continues to set up R & D center in other countries in the future.

Continue to seek the latest formula, and constantly develop innovative technology
Combined with efficient formula and natural ingredients, develop cosmetic products for your skin and body
Our mission is to "Meet your needs, assist to transform yourself, completely new outlook”.

Efficient and innovative beauty products from the natural ingredients, professional quality assurance, Jourdeness insist the external beauty appearance came from the inner beauty, the distribution of radiance from the inside out.