• 2020-7-10Group NewsWith the coming season of high summer, Jourdeness's revenue is “hot” with quarterly growth of 15%.
  • 2020-6-24Group NewsThe epidemic drives the growth of aromatherapy and health care industry. Jourdeness’s performance of sale increases by 250% compared with the same period last year.
  • 2020-6-18Group NewsJourdeness Group Limited (4190.TW) is optimistic about the strong reversal of performance in the second half of the year through the Ex-Dividends on stock of NT$4. New products will be on the shelf in the USA soon.
  • 2020-5-8Group NewsJourdeness's all-round layout boosted the monthly revenue by 11% in April.
  • 2020-4-10Group NewsJourdeness's integrated operation is successful. Franchise stores against the trend and grow with 62.73% in the same period.
  • 2020-3-6Group NewsJourdeness stores and EC join forces to fight the COVID-19.
  • 2020-3-6Group NewsJourdeness stores and EC join forces to fight the COVID-19.
  • 2020-2-13Group NewsJourdeness's January unaudited consolidated revenue was 216 million dollars.
  • 2020-2-3Group NewsJourdeness did a well in COVID-19 prevention, the increase of sale was stunning in Taiwan and Malaysia.
  • 2020-1-30Group NewsJourdeness creates an epidemic prevention environment to improve the sanitation in the store.
  • 2020-1-13Group News2019 consolidated financial statements of Jourdeness hits the high record to 3.234 billion.
  • 2019-4-29Group News5/12-5/15 International Beauty Expo 2019
  • 2019-1-18Group NewsJourdeness has worked with Chung-Hsing University Make a move forward to become an expert of skin
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