• 2019-1-7Group NewsJourdeness is awarded Guangdong beauty association “2018 the most popular brand in China beauty makeup”“The most competitive cooperation”“A warm and kind firm”
  • 2018-10-31Group NewsJourdeness held innovative anti-aging international seminar in Taiwan
  • 2018-10-2Group NewsCare for underprivileged group of women Awarded by The Garden of Hope Foundation
  • 2018-9-7Group News2018 Sep 13th -15th Taiwan Beauty International Show
  • 2018-6-12Group NewsJourdeness has participated Taipei International Healthcare & Medical Cosmetology Expo 2018
  • 2018-4-12Group NewsJourdeness merging profit in March biology beauty technology、patent ingredients product、new shop style attracts attention
  • 2017-8-14Group NewsJourdeness Chen Chia-Chi takes over cooperation general manager officially Dedicated to sales for China and Taiwan
  • 2017-8-10Group NewsJourdeness CHIA-CHI CHEN takes over general manager officially and will be committed to sales performance cross straits.
  • 2017-8-10Investor InfomationAgainst the slack season annual growth rate went up by 34.95% in July
  • 2017-7-13Investor InfomationJourdeness annual growth rate has increased significantly for over 30% in June
  • 2017-6-22Investor Infomation2017 Annual General Shareholder's Meeting
  • 2017-5-10Group NewsGlory Share – Celebrate to won the China Luxury Beauty ZH-M Award
  • 2017-5-10Group NewsJourdeness products are not added plasticizers and other additives may not be added
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