Employee benefits

1.Employee benefits, advanced study, training, retirement, policies including agreement between employer and employee and entitlement.

(1)Employee benefits measures

The main operating area is in Taiwan and China, employee benefits measures are provided in accordance with the local laws and regulations, and provide staff training program, art and recreation activities, regular health checkups and other related benefits.

(2)Advanced Training

Our company focuses on except personnel training, we designed training program for beauty service personnel to develop professional skills. There are professional information announcement, training or professional courses given by external lecturers timely. Moreover, the personnel are assigned to attend other particular courses or workshops to improve professional knowledge and skills.

(3)Retirement system and implementation

The subsidiary in China allocates insurance monthly by the local laws and pay basic social insurance to Social Insurance Bureau.

The subsidiary in Taiwan applies for labor pension and makes retirement policy by Labor Standard Laws. The company will allocate certain portion from the total salary payment by the labor retirement policy. The fund will be deposited in the personal retirement account at Taiwan Bank or Labor Insurance Bureau. Labor pension will be implemented by Labor Standard Laws Chapter 6 and the following enforcement rules. Labor retirement system applies for all the personnel in our company.

The company allocates 6% personal salary to personal retirement pension account. If the employees attend to pay by themselves; the money will be deposited in the same account.

(4)Labor relations and rights

Our company concerns about labor rights and interests. Except the working regulations followed by laws to instruct all the working rules, employees can express their opinions by meetings, emails and letters to build a good communication and relationship between the employer and employee. There isn’t any serious labor dispute until the published day of annual report.

2.The past 2 years until the published day of annual report, the company reveals the loss caused by labor dispute, the estimated amount and the next move. If it can’t be estimated reasonably, the company should explain the reason: none.

Establish beauty educational training center

Basic beauty theory

  • Beauty isn’t a vague idea neither a superficial attempt, it should be built firmly on healthy basis.

Professional beauty skills

  • Professional skills are not are all talk and no action, they need to be completed by continual practices.

Career plan

  • Life can’t be all the same; position can’t be stuck in a rut. The institution assists staff to get technician for beauty license which means it’s approved by country, recognition from customers and self-achievement.

Professional consulting management

  • Emphasize on individual specialty, customer behavior and consulting knowledge and skills.

Customer management

  • Customer first, better service.


  • Make you more fabulous; have better grooming. The beginning of profession: professional skills, theory study, service manner, self-introduction and marketing skills, expression training and assist of getting technician for beauty license.